Frames with Friends


2.) Do party attendees need to bring a current eyeglass prescription with them?

       ***If a copy is available to bring, then please bring it.  However, it's not necessary.  If you are happy with a current prescription in a current pair of glasses, we can read it on the spot.  If you are going to get a new prescription after the party, we can still take measurements: the new prescription can be emailed or texted once received.  We can also call your optometrist/ophthalmologist and request a copy of a new prescription.

3.) What if I don't wear prescription eyeglasses?

       ***Eyeglasses are the coolest accessory right now.  We can make non-prescription eyeglasses too!  Also...SUNGLASSES!  No prescription necessary (although we DO prescription sunglasses, and if you've never had a pair, you don't know what you're missing!

4.) Do you take vision insurance?

       ***We do not take vision insurance.  However, we will contact party attendees to ask if they have insurance and what type.  Therefore we will have reimbursement forms available at the time of the party for those who would like to submit receipts to their insurance company .  Vision insurance is not all it's cracked up to be!  We've been doing it this way for almost 10 years, and it works out better for everyone!

5.) Are there incentives to hosting a party?

       ***Of course!  If the party grosses at least $1,500 in sales, the host will receive a free frame!  Any frame!  We also will come with some pretty awesome Optical Outlet swag!

6.) How does payment work?

       ***Payments are due in full at the time of the party.  We accept cash, credit (Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover), Venmo, and PayPal.  We also accept most HSA and FSA credit cards!  Most are "use it or lose it" so use it up!  

7.) How will I get my eyewear when it's done?

       ***The turnaround time for most eyewear is about 2 weeks. (Non-prescription sunglasses can be taken at the time of the party.)  We will adjust all frames to fit, and will ship them at no charge to your house.  We can also arrange a time to meet.  We aim to maximize convenience!  

8.) COVID, COVID, COVID?????????

       ***Covid is one of the reasons we took action on this idea!  Choose a group of people with whom you feel comfortable.  We will always wear a mask.  However, it's the host's and attendees' decision to wear or not wear a mask.  All frames, mirrors, tools, and equipment are thoroughly sanitized after each party. 

9.)  Why THIS?  Why US?

       ***We are a husband and wife "team" with over 25 years of optical experience.  Click on "Our Story" to see our faces!  Our prices are THE BEST.  We educate our clients with honesty and transparency.  We are excited about being able to share what we do with even more people!

1.) How do I schedule a party?

       ***Click the Calendly link to see available days and times.  We will be in touch to confirm details of the party.